What is ECOLINK+

ECOLINK+ is the coordination action for the European Eco-Innovation Platform (Eco-IP) aimed at strengthening Europe’s eco-innovation community by:

- providing guidance on exploiting the results of the Eco-IP partnerships to the greatest extent and place the most influential issues in Eco-innovation support at the very heart of the policy debate;

- setting up the ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club, gathering the most promising European eco-innovators, supporting them to rapidly grow to the global scale, by providing them with i) opportunities to network and access services, and ii) visibility to a community of international investors;

- ensuring the highest visibility to the innovative services developed under Europe INNOVA, reaching a wide target of policy makers, innovation service providers and stakeholders in the eco-innovation arena. Objectives of ECOLINK+ ECOLINK+ will set up the Horizontal Steering Group (HSG) for the European Eco-IP, bringing together private and public providers of eco-innovation support services to SMEs. Its objective is to ensure an overall coherence of platform’s vertical activities and the exploitation of synergies with other EU initiatives within and outside Europe INNOVA.

In addition, through the involvement of economic development actors, ECOLINK+ will showcase regions believing in eco-innovation, animate the 100 Business Club (BC) recruiting the 100 most promising eco-innovative businesses in Europe through 8 trans-regional events, co-organized in partnership with regional innovation support providers. BC members will have the opportunity to i) gain EU level visibility through the development of video-presentations of their eco-innovative solutions, ii) use the ECOLINK+ online platform to develop business relationships with peers, investors and service providers, and iii) access to business experts at international level through the ECOLINK+ Annual Networking events. ECOLINK+ will capitalise on all the efforts that the EU is making to develop and promote