The second ECOLINK+ Annual Partnering Forum in Dusseldorf on 28 November 2011 will bring together the ECOLINK+ Club of emerging eco-innovative companies with specialised corporations and investors from across Europe, as well the cleantech clusters and business sector initiatives.

The Forum aims at showcasing some of the best-performing eco-innovative companies at EU level, stimulating the discussion about trends in selected eco-innovation business sectors and promoting   successful business and support practices.

This year, the Forum will be  primarily focused  on  eco-efficiency , as it represents a crucial issue in building a sustainable and competitive EU.   In particular, achievements and challenges for further development will be discussed as far as resource-efficient construction and material resource efficiency are concern.

ECOLINK+ is the horizontal support action of the European Eco-Innovation Platform (Eco-IP) established under the Europe INNOVA initiative.

For  more information  on ECOLINK+, please visit the Europe INNOVA website (Eco-Innovation area), and the "ECOLINK+" group on the LinkedIn social network.

The Forum will take place alongside the European Venture Summit - Europe’s largest VC investment matching event in high-tech sectors.