EYE Business Challenge                    


You have a great business idea? Come and sell it!

Want to pitch your business idea to real Investors and Business Experts, get valuable feedback and a prize? 

EYE Business Challenge 2014 (9th May, Strasbourg) offers 10 selected upcoming youth entrepreneurs the chance to pitch and test their original business ideas, and also receive one-on-one mentoring from Business Experts. 
EYE Business Challenge is part of the   European Youth Event 2014 (EYE)   and will take during the workshop on "You have a great business idea ? Come and sell it (Code: YU18Wi )

Why should you apply?

Your benefits of putting forward your business idea include:
  • The chance to pitch your business in front of an Expert Jury followed by valuable feedback.
  • Support, advice and coaching from experienced coaches to perfect your presentation via webinar and onsite.
  • Networking with investors, business experts and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Visibility – we publish your business profile in the EYE Business Challenge binder and online materials.
  • Opportunity of an automatic admission to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme and a one to six month exchange for the 3 winners.
  • Chance to win the Best Presentation Award and a Prize in the form of a fully paid trip to Naples to take active part in the SME Assembly, 1-3 October 2014. The Assembly is attended by 500+ representatives of enterprises; business organizations; European, national and regional governments; academia and the media. For more information please visit SME Week webpage.

Selection Process and Criteria

A selection committee made up of investors and industry experts will review online all the business plans and presentations and shortlist the best 10 who will then be invited to pitch at the contest. 
Top 10 business ideas will be selected on the basis of:
  • Need - There is a practical need for the product or service and not just a good idea without business potential.
  • Approach - The way this need is to be satisfied, i.e. the point of departure in solving the customer pain/problem.
  • Benefit  - The innovative elements of the idea and its uniqueness - how is it better and/or different than what is on the market?
  • Competition - The level of competition existing within the industry - who are your competitors?
  • Project profile quality - Information available from the business plan and presention is complete, clear, balanced and convincing.