Meet in Italy for Life Sciences, now in its fifth edition, is the leading national matchmaking and update event on Life Sciences. The fifth edition of the event will be held from 10 to 12 October 2018 in Bologna at Opificio Golinelli. Meet in Italy for Life Sciences is an initiative by the ALISEI National Technology Cluster for Life Sciences. The 2018 edition is promoted and organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region with the technical support of ASTER - the Consortium for innovation and technology transfer in Emilia-Romagna. Representatives of local institutions and of the main company associations in related sectors are collaborating in the organization of the event. The initiative is linked to the Enterprise Europe Network, present in over 60 European and non-European countries. The event consists of three days of work that will include business meetings with foreign partners, matchmaking activities, pitching sessions, thematic workshops, and an international conference on the key trends and innovation strategies in the sector.

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Themes of the event 

The life sciences sector - which includes the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, the production of biomedical devices, and health services - is rapidly evolving. It is becoming increasingly clear that we are in a time of transition from “traditional medicine” to P4 medicine: predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory. One of the real drivers of this change is big data, which in precision medicine plays a fundamental role for health innovation.  

Who is it for?

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences addresses all areas of life sciences:
- industrial and start-up sectors
- researchers in large public agencies
- investors
- public institutions
- media

Life Sciences in Emilia-Romagna

Life sciences is one of the technologically most advanced industrial sectors in the region. In the area north of Modena, near the town of Mirandola, one of the most important biomedical districts in the world has been created over the years. Today it includes over 100 companies specialized in hemodialysis, cardiac surgery, anesthesia and intensive care, apheresis and plasmapheresis, transfusion, nutrition and gynecology. The region is home to many companies in the sector, cutting edge hospitals, and public and private research centres of international excellence.

- 16 pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with 3,600 employees and an R&D investment of over 300 million euros
- 19 Biotech companies with over 1,900 employees
- 525 biomedical companies with over 8,900 employees, placing the Emilia-Romagna region in second place in Italy
- over 600 employees in the e-care and services sectors
- about 70 start-ups operating in the life sciences sector
- 3 cell factories
- 73 hospitals and clinics, including 4 teaching hospitals and 4 Institutes for Research and Health Care
- 15 industrial research laboratories dedicated to life sciences and connected with the Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network - the Health and Wellness Clust-ER