The Tech Tour Raw Materials will be taking place on the 30th of September 2020, as part of the Raw Materials Summit, hosted by the EIT RawMaterials.


The Raw Materials Summit (29th & 30th of September 2020) will gather experts from Europe and the rest of the world to discuss strategies in relation to raw materials supply and access, innovation in the raw materials value chain as well as entrepreneurship and education. The Summit will be an opportunity to understand and discuss the EU positioning with respect to the challenges ahead, such as the energy transition and the impact this will have on raw materials supply and policies.


The investment track - the Raw Materials Venture Forum (30th of September 2020) is focused on showcasing the best investment opportunities within the materials industry in Europe and will serve as a qualifying event for the top quartile companies to present at the European Venture Contest Final 2020.


The event's agenda includes 30 presentations by pre-selected companies, discussion panels, keynotes, and top-level networking. representing the "Who's Who" of the Raw Materials and market, including top executives from blue-chip technology companies, international venture capitalists, investment bankers, service providers, and advisers coming from all around the world. The presenting companies will also have the opportunity to benefit from our CEO Masterclasses and workshops.



The event will focus on key technologies and digital solutions against the background of the following Raw Materials Lighthouse programs:


Sustainable Discovery and Supply


  • advanced geological exploration
  • smart and safe mining operations
  • advanced mineral processing and refining
  • improved ‘license to operate’


Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility


  • advanced materials for energy generation and storage 
  • advanced lightweight design materials
  • critical materials substitution
  • advanced materials recycling and recovery

Raw Materials and Circular Societies 


  • enhanced waste valorisation
  • enhanced industrial symbiosis
  • new materials with enabling circular use properties 
  • new business models & product design with circularity potential


These programs cover a broad range of innovation areas and sectors throughout the whole value chain of raw materials and include intersecting technologies like: Industry 4.0 (IoT, AI, Big Data, Machine learning), Additive manufacturing, Autonomous operations, Connectivity protocols, etc.


More backgrounds on the Lighthouse Programs over here:


Key stats of the Venture Forum:

  • 3 Hosting networks: Tech Tour, International Venture Club and EIT Raw Materials
  • 30 Pre-selected entrepreneurs active in Materials industries 
  • 3 Super Scale-Ups
  • 40 VCs and corporate investors joining as industry experts and speakers
  • +40 event participants including: VCs, corporates, lawyers, M&A professionals and advisors.
  • 20 host and partner guests joining 
  • 125+ total participants at this exclusive event