EIC-ScalingUP is set to create a blueprint for the EIC deep tech growth companies to successfully scale and accelerate their investments and partnerships. It has identified, selected, and featured 50 EIC deep tech series B/C beneficiaries (EIC ScalingUp TOP50) and engaged 37 of them to benefit from the 1-year EIC Growth Club Program, which Tech Tour coordinates and facilitates together with a strong consortium of partners.


As part of the EIC Growth Club Programme, there are a set of sessions which aim to expose the top EIC-funded deep tech companies to lead investors, partners, NEDs and advisers from across the continent.


The Portfolio includes IQM (€128M funding raised this summer), SMART Photonics, Satlantis, EFFECT Photonics, Pasqal, MyDidimo, and 10 more, closing rounds in the past weeks totaling more than €155Mln. The total funding raised is expected to be over €500M+.


On December 1st & 2nd, 2022 the Digital deep tech companies will pitch ONLINE in front of Partners and Clients on the sessions aimed to boost strategic partnering on sales, internationalization, manufacturing, development, and talent.