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Business Angels Europe works towards a better ecosystem for start-ups and angel investors. They focus on creating a single market and promoting underdeveloped markets such as those focusing on women and certain geographical areas that are lagging behind.  

The company believes that investing in knowledge-intensive companies or high-growth start-ups is fundamental if the end goal is to nurture innovative communities. The need is to grow a cutting edge Europe because without the constant flow of high-growth companies there will be no innovation. Angel investors are the ones to take the first risk by investing in such companies which contributes to stronger European communities.


Who is behind this?

For the last 25 years, Chairman of Business Angels Europe, Luigi Amati has been an entrepreneur and continues to push for the growth of angel investing. He believes that angel investing is still at 10-20% of its potential in Europe, and he sees a large space to grow more. Business Angels Europe represents 260 networks and clubs with over 43,000 members in the initiative. 

This places importance on quality and integrity, and Amati strives to have a high level of standards and ethical values for his members. The team wants to bring together the best, in order to share knowledge and experiences, but to also be a benchmark that demonstrates the standards needed to become a key player in the market. 


Why is this important?

The organisation has been able to attract the largest national federation and trade association of business angels across Europe. As well as the most experienced angel clubs and networks, creating credibility. Two successful programs have been created out of Business Angels Europe: Early Stage Investor Launchpad and Women Angels for Entrepreneurs. These programs have interested a number of local leaders outside of the organisation and brought more than 40,000 viewers on the material that is distributed on the Launchpad program. As for the Women Angels program, the company has understood that in order to have more women entrepreneurs, there is a need to bring in women angels as a leverage and effective tool to target the mission.  
Amati recognises the importance of InvestHorizon due to the connection and network that it creates with startups and scale ups. Business Angels Europe fits into the community by providing coaches, and their own angel investors, to continue to grow the market and connect to high-growth entrepreneurs.

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