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Many of us grew up dreaming of flying rockets, travelling to the moon, or being astronauts who explore the deepest depths of space...

Back then, all these things seemed impossible. But given the current start-up environment in space technologies, these dreams look achievable now. Don’t miss a chance to meet the companies making all these incredible feats possible.

The Tech Tour Deep Tech Programme

This year, the Tech Tour Deep Tech Programme has been split into tracks. And for the first time, we are running a specialised track for Space & Quantum, together with Software and Hardware & Systems.

“We’re looking to learn from, and in the process contribute to, start-ups. We’d like to really start building relationships with the broader ecosystem out there. So, we see this as a long-term engagement, and the first step is the Tech Tour,” shares Jean-Michel Chardon, Head of AI, CTO Office at Logitech.

Currently, 15 Companies have been passed through a rigorous Selection Process, over 62 applications, to join the Space & Quantum track:

OQ Technology greatly reduces the costs of data transmission through satellites, using 5G. They’ve cracked a way to integrate 5G IoT, wireless technology into a compatible micro-chip that will be launched aboard nanosatellites.

D-Orbit is the first company offering orbital transportation, space logistics, and space waste management services to satellite operators.

Astrocast is a Swiss IoT company, using a network of nanosatellites to offer low-cost and global communication services to a wide range of industries.

ClearSpace is a ground-breaking initiative that develops technologies to capture and de-orbit space debris.

Avantama is an innovation leader in high-tech materials for electronics, including optical and electronic coatings.

Kiutra helps scientists to carry out state-of-the-art research and enables the industry to build scalable quantum technologies like next-generation cryogen-free cooling solutions.

PLD Space provides access to space services to the small satellite industry and is on the verge of launching their first rocket into space.

Orbex is Europe’s leading private launch services company focused entirely on supporting the needs of the small satellite industry. They’ve developed one of the most advanced, low-carbon, high performance, orbital micro-launch vehicles in the world.

EnduroSat designs, builds, and operates nano satellites for various commercial, scientific, and tech missions.

Open Cosmos delivers satellite-based solutions, including actionable information from space, designed to tackle the Earth’s biggest challenges.

Alice & Bob builds universal, error-free, quantum computers to help industries and researchers solve the world’s hardest problems.

Kleos Space provides game changing ISR and geo-services data from space to their customers’ intelligence units.

Qnami AG develops quantum sensing. Their highly sensitive quantum sensors allow the fastest and most accurate measurement of magnetic fields on an atomic scale.

ALCAN Systems focuses on the development of flat, novel, low-cost, and low-power smart antennas that are easily integrated into vehicles to receive GEO, MEO & LEO signals from space, as well as 5G cellular networks.

Skyrora produces space vehicles that can deploy payloads of 90 kg and 315 kg, respectively, to the Polar and Sun Synchronous orbits. The cornerstone of their approach is environmental consciousness.

If you have missed your chance to apply for the Space & Quantum track the good news is – we’re looking for more start-ups in the Space tech field. If you are a start-up looking for Series A or Seed investment then you can apply for our Tech Tour Space Investment Programme.

How to Apply

The market is excited about Space, many companies are blooming in Europe, and investors are looking forward to investing in this budding sector.

To ensure that the European start-ups developing tech solutions in the Space sector or developing applications based on satellite data boost their investment readiness and build relations with investors

Together with Go2SpaceHUBs, Point.IoT and Copernicus Accelerator, Tech Tour developed the Tech Tour Space Investment Programme.

If you are a company developing Space related solutions, and you are looking for seed or Series A investment, apply via this link.