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"I see what you don’t see", the Tech Tour XR is all about seeing things that are not there, and we would like to introduce the mind-boggling tech that might change how you perceive the world.

According to TechCrunch, XR is a mobile market that is gaining momentum as VR and AR markets may combine to create a $108 billion market by 2021. Its technologies have been adapted and applied for different industries including education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and automotive and with the corona virus disrupting so many industries we think XR will become increasingly important.

Source: Hire Inspire, The future of XR

That is why we decided to put our finger on the pulse of XR innovation. Below is a list of 30 top-notch companies in the field of immersive interactive technologies & services, such as VR, AR, MR, XR, 3D/depth, 3D sound, etc.


Quark VR is a software company building out the XR Cloud service for 5G and the Edge Cloud. They are developing a compression and streaming technology that enables the next generation Immersive Computing on mobile devices.

Big Boy Systems has developed a POV camera able to record human perception. They produce content in an exclusive immersive video format with our unique patented POV 3D and binaural cameras.

SonicEdge is bringing to market a game-changing technology for generating sound. Our disruptive solution is the first time, high-fidelity sound is generated from ultrasound (MUSE) in a solid-state speaker (MEMS).

Pharrowtech is a fast-growing start-up headquartered in the dynamic city of Leuven, Belgium. They create chip and antenna technology for next-generation wireless systems.

Globetrotter VR is company solving inefficiencies in the tours & activities market through cutting-edge immersive technology. They are creating an online portal that allows yearning travelers to experience the world from their couch, through truly interactive virtual tours with real guides.

OPTINVENT is a pioneer in patented see-through AR head mounted displays and products. OPTINVENT's CLEAR-VU is the world's only augmented reality display based on a molded plastic wave guide.

Vitruvian VR is a company dedicated to the realization of an advanced project whose seeds are in the Leonardo's "Uomo Vitruviano". Dedicated 3D software together with the 3 or 4 axes of the hardware provide a unique and realistic experience for the user.

PRYNTD is an immersive (Virtual, Augmented and extended reality focused) on-demand and live-streaming platform for music and entertainment. Making it easy for content creators to create and convert HD content into immersive thereby creating enhanced experiences for audiences to access on their smartphones, tablets, computers and AR/VR Headsets.

Augmented.City have created a cheap and efficient way to create AR Clouds of the city scale using just mobile phones in a crowdsourcing mode. Their AR Cloud is not ARCore/ARKit based but is a proprietary development.

At Urban Expé, they have a strong expertise in storytelling, gaming and sports! Urban Expé meets the ends with its B2C SaaS solution that allows users to gamify the fitness experience.

Holoxica is a health tech company specialised in disruptive holographic 3D solutions. They bring real 3D to life without glasses/headsets and believe that the pure 3D holographic experience will drive the human digital interaction of the future.

From the original Filmmaker tool to their new FirstStage immersive previz VR tools, Moviestorm is opening up the world of digital animation to a broad range of people who have the need for affordable, fast and simple means of improving their creative productions, and positively disturbing their workflow and toolchain.

Anything World combines cutting edge AI, Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision and extensive 3D libraries to allow users to request, see, manipulate and experience anything they can think of. It’s the fastest way for creators to make limitless AI driven 3D voice experiences!

PlayVisit offers a SAAS platform (PlayVisit Studio) with which their clients can create, easily and without the need for programming knowledge, gamified virtual tours integrating advanced technologies such as geolocation and Augmented Reality. These tours can be published and integrated with any digital product as they are based on standard web technologies.

VISPA provides immersive workspaces for virtual collaboration in 3D for creative work, ideation and decision making. They offer intelligent, helpful tools with which our users are able to perform more efficient meetings by guiding them through the working process.

WEKIT Experience Capturing Solutions - рerformance Augmentation in the real world has the advantage that it captures expertise where it happens to put it to use where it is applied, delivering with speed, at scale, and at lower cost, while offering - when applied right - reduction in error, faster learning, higher job satisfaction, and increased performance.

Senopi AG is a digital health startup focused on senior healthcare. We are on a mission to increase the number of healthy life years of seniors. Their proprietary VR platform enables a nurse or caregiver to intuitively administer VR experiences and therapeutics to multiple seniors or patients at the same time.

CtrlMovie disrupts the film and gaming industry by combining the best of both worlds, creating an exciting Choose-Your-Own-Adventure filmed entertainment experience. The CtrlMovie ecosystem allows film studios and independent filmmakers to create, produce and distribute branched narrative movies to any size screen.

Augmented Robotics reveals fantastic worlds by connecting toys and games and has set itself the goal of reshaping the gaming and the toy market pioneering in the new AR toy market with a revolutionary digital sales structure.

Micledi is building a super-bright, high-resolution micro-LED display to enable next generation AR headsets. Augmented reality experience has never look so realistic before!

Using VR the Reducept Method trains the brain to reduce pain. For this they use scientific knowledge about digital training, pain education and psychology.

Neotiv incorporates the latest scientific findings from the fields of neuroscience and dementia research into the development of a digital application that can monitor user´s memory functions and improve the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Immersal enables Creatio, sharing, and use of a Localizing Digital Twin of any space with any device A Localizing Digital Twin is the Visual 3D Map for machine vision. It enables synchronizing virtual content with the real world.

CREAL’s mission is to develop breakthrough near-eye light-field technology, which fully replicates human perception of three-dimensional images with optical depth and to become an intellectual property powerhouse controlling this key technology in the race to the next generations of AR and VR headsets and new comfortable post-screen personal wearable device – smart glasses.

At OWO, they have patented a haptic gaming vest which allows players to feel over 30 different sensations in real-time while playing video games. It is a wireless system compatible with PC, mobile, console, and VR.

AR-Experts GmbH have created GIRI - the solution that solves the AR and DIGITAL content BOTTLENECK AR and digital content use for industrial purposes is a no-brainer... 70% more memory effect, 70% less mistakes.

BODYSWAPS works by simulating realistic workplace scenarios in which learners can practice their Soft Skills, with their own voice and body language, and learn by observing their own behaviour Their AI-driven analytics engine captures and interprets body-language, semantic and emotional data to offer automated personalised feedback and guide the learner's improvement over time. It works by simulating realistic workplace scenarios in which learners can practice their Soft Skills.

Realcast develops content and technology in service of interactive content in extended reality XR. Realcast creates InSitu eXPeriences to provide cultural and entertainment in famous locations worldwide.

BIMaking Engineering is an established and innovative Consultancy Office, specialized in BIM technologies and Virtual Reality Services, focused on the best practices of Digital Twins, Parametric and Generative Design.

Virtuleap enables embodied brain training. Their VR brain training app offers a daily cognitive workout of short, intense, and fun games scientifically designed to help increase attention and concentration levels.

Quanta & Qualia developed Magos - a new technology, integrated into a pair of gloves, which disrupts the state-of-the-art Human Computer Interaction (HCI) devices in XR. This reinvention of finger tracking constitutes a breakthrough in XR as it redefines the scope of interaction scenarios, providing unlimited freedom from the design of a new one application until its development.