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Beautiful Porto welcomed us for the Tech Tour Digital Health last year, and this year the Programme will welcome online 31 digital health companies, carefully selected by active investors out of 80+ competitive applicants.

In contrast with the difficult times in which we are living, the innovative technologies below aim to make our society healthier, happier, and more sustainable.

*You still have the chance to check their pitches on 3rd and 4th December. Sign up for the programme here!


ABAStroke is a digital therapeutics company for post-stroke patients requiring long-term neuropsychological rehabilitation. It is dedicated to those who return home after a stay in a neurology ward or a rehabilitation clinic.

Adusso is a company that provides better usability for health information systems and medical devices. Adusso has created a SaaS user experience monitoring for Electronic Health Record systems which captures user activities on computer and mobile: screen recording, mouse clicks, and keystrokes to be replayed.

AI4MED Imaging is a Portugal-based company specialized in applying artificial intelligence to medical imaging. AI4MED is currently focused on a critical medical need in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. The company developed an AI-based software that performs a fully automatic segmentation of both ventricles and an automatic identification of patients with normal wall motion.

The Azalea Vision smart contact lens offers a solution for people who suffer from human eye iris deficiencies like aniridia, high order aberrations like keratoconus, and light sensitivity or photophobia a common yet debilitating symptom seen in many neuro-ophthalmic disorders.

BioVariance offers biomedical data analysis and related software development in the area of precision medicine for the healthcare, pharma and biotech sector. To accelerate data analytics, the company uses special algorithms and machine learning to automate complex analytical processes in a customized software pipeline and to develop prediction models.

Braingaze develops early detection / diagnosis and digital therapy solutions for neuro-cognitive disorders and diseases. BGaze Clinic hardware + software solution for larger clinics leverages its patented neuro biomarker for quick and objective detection of ADHD as well as Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease at above 90% accuracy obtained with a 5-10 minute test.

Cardiawave is an early clinical stage company developing a NON-INVASIVE, real-time image-guided medical device for calcific aortic stenosis (CAS) treatment using a very innovative ultrasound therapy technology. The company aims to treat all patients with progressive AS.

Epihunter is a Belgian company, that believes digital technologies can have a massive impact on the daily life of people with neurological disorders. The company is focused on creating digital solutions that make the condition matter less in daily life while generating real world data for better treatments.

Gabi SmartCare is a Digital Health start-up, that empowers researchers, physicians and parents with data driven health assessment to disrupt pediatric healthcare & improve children's lives by developing a hardware-enabled Smart Digital Platform, providing unique actionable data to better prevent, diagnose and surveil pediatric disorders, with a first main focus on Respiratory.

Genomcore was founded to fulfil the promise of universal implementation of personalized medicine by implementing novel technologies and new business models challenging the old-fashioned diagnostics value chain.

Gripwise develops an integrated solution for the assessment of different muscular groups strength that comprises the use of smart load cells and connected technologies.

Hi-D Imaging, an ETH spin-off company, provides precision medicine to cardiologists, which allows optimum planning and the best operation parameters for each individual patient. They are the world's first company monitoring time-resolved 3D turbulent blood flow patterns in the human heart.

Hospitex International develops and commercializes innovative solutions for the IVD market with a special focus on new technologies such as Liquid Based Cytology and Digital Pathology. Their mission is to make diagnostics instruments that help to detect diseases.

Huoleti is a digital transformation company working in health care, particularly working with home and health care companies to provide them better outcomes, customer retention and data driven customer service. For pharmaceuticals it is a key part of their patient support solutions.

iLoF is enabling a new era of personalized, precision medicine, by providing screening and stratification tools in an affordable, fast, portable way. The company is currently focusing on a patented platform technology on the epidemic of our century: Alzheimer's disease.

Insignals Neurotech develops medical solutions to improve the assessment of neurological diseases. The company is a spin-off company of the R&D Institute INESC TEC, together with Frontier IP Group, a specialist on IP commercialisation, exploring the technologies developed by the research group of Prof. João Paulo Cunha whose work has been focusing on neurological diseases, like Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy.

Komed Health is providing a powerful real-time communication platform, which drastically simplifies, fully secures and protects as well as potentially connects all clinical communication around the patient on-site and off-site. By doing so it enables clinicians and care teams to communicate more effectively, to collaborate more efficiently and to make better, informed decisions quicker.

M2TEST SRL is an innovative start-up under the Italian law operating as SAAS (software as a service). The idea behind the project is BES TEST (acronym for Bone Elastic Structure Test), a human bone structure analysis service for medical-scientific purposes.

Medicsensors is committed to shaping the future of drug delivery and chronic disease management, initially oriented towards improving the control of diabetes and the quality of life with it and then standardizing their treatment methodology for chronic disease management with a multi-awarded and patented technology.

Metablue is a spin-off of University of Porto that has exclusive licensing over the IP of Otitest. Otitest is a digital diagnostic device, that can identify if a person has Otitis. Otitest can be used at home to easily assess the pathology by processing an electric signal received by a sensor, that will be computed giving a positive or negative answer for Otitis diagnose.

Methinks vision is to provide universal and timely diagnosis to enable life-saving treatments worldwide. The company`s first focus is on stroke, the second cause of death and a major cause of disability in the world. The company has developed an artificial intelligence medical imaging software capable to triage stroke and unlock stroke treatments potential from non-contrast CTs.

Neotiv incorporates the latest scientific findings from the fields of neuroscience and dementia research into the development of a digital application that can monitor user´s memory functions and improve the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Neurallys is focused on the development of innovative medical devices for neurology and neurosurgery. The company is located in the Brain and Spine Institute in Paris and is developing a medical device to revolutionize the management of pathology, introducing a high intracranial pressure (hydrocephalus) and requiring putting the patient as a key player in his pathology.

In stroke care, starting treatment just a few minutes earlier can be the difference between life and death. Nico.lab has developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat mounting pressure on emergency healthcare professionals, placing real technology in the physician’s hands to pinpoint findings and support treatment decisions.

Nukute is an Oulu-based Finnish health technology company that develops, markets, and sells solutions to support the diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory and pulmonary diseases. The first product, Nukute Collare, crucially facilitates the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Another product, Nukute Monitor, provides doctors with a much-needed opportunity to monitor the well-being of patients with respiratory and pulmonary diseases as well as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

Oxitone Medical helps care providers to deliver AI-aided continuous remote care for patients with severe chronic and complex conditions. The company helps care providers to maximize value for patients and reduces cost more than 50% with AI-aided continuous remote care solutions.

PatchAi has developed an empathetic conversational agent that collects Patient Reported Outcomes and integrates data-points from various devices to gain insights on the health status of the patients. The company`s mission is to improve people's quality of Life and support pharmaceutical companies offer safer, affordable and personalised treatments.

Popit has developed a platform to improve adherence and patient engagement. The company`s solution comprises a unique, patented device that automatically detects and tracks pill consumption, a medically certified app and a cloud for real-time data.

Promptly Health is a Health Data Analytics Platform for providing patients and providers access to the outcomes of their treatments. Patients use Promptly to truly cope with their diseases, to understand and anticipate how they will feel after each treatment, medication or surgery, and to be part of a community of patients that relate to their symptoms and share their fears, expectations and health outcomes.

Softcare Studios is a digital health start-up working to improve patients’ therapy experience and therapy efficiency using virtual reality (VR) and innovative data tracking. The goal of Softcare Studios is to provide a portfolio of VR solutions designed to support different target patients in a variety of therapeutic settings, distributed to B2B customers.

VibeVision is a SaaS-Cloud based platform to measure and analyse emotions and the reasons behind emotions. It was developed together with universities to help companies to better understand their patients, customers and employees. The company`s clear vision is to bring patient, customer and employee experience to a new level.

If you want to meet some of the companies and listen to their pitches on 3rd and 4th December, sign up for the programme here!