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Michael Nettersheim is the Managing Partner, European Circular Bioeconomy Fund and is President of the Tech Tour Food and Bio Economy.

The world economy is transforming every single day. Responsible management of natural capital and biological resources is more relevant than ever.

As a result, the economies of today are looking for ways to become more sustainable. That creates attractive business and investment opportunities. But how to take advantage of these opportunities? .

What Problems Does ECBF Solve?

The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF) aims to fill the growth-stage funding gap in the European bioeconomy, especially bringing Europe’s excellent expertise in circular technologies to market.

“In a transforming economy, we invest and partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and visionary investors to accelerate late-stage technologies and businesses in the European circular bioeconomy,” says Michael Nettersheim, Managing Partner at ECBF.

ECBF invests in products, processes, technologies, business models, and newly emerging value chains linked with biobased products and resources derived from plants, agriculture, marine, and forestry materials with applications in:

  • Ag- and food-Tech,
  • blue economy,
  • industrial biotech,
  • bio-based chemicals,
  • specialities and materials,
  • nutrition,
  • packaging,
  • personal & home care,
  • construction,
  • textiles and others.

A high priority for ECBF is innovative solutions on the use of renewable, recovered, and biodegradable biological resources, as well as the conversion of by-products and bio-waste streams into value-added products.

Team and Goals

CBF has already built a team of highly-experienced people from venture capital and industry. In addition to that, outside experts contribute additional advice and expertise to the ECBF.

“Active investment management is one of the most important pillars, on which ECBF has centred its investment strategy. The team’s deep investment experience and sector knowledge will add great value to the portfolio companies,” shares Michael

The Fund brings capital and innovation closer to unlock the economic potential of the circular bioeconomy.

“The goals of ECBF are not only investing meaningfully towards the Sustainable Development Goals but also earning risk-adequate returns and demonstrating that impact generation and favourable IRRs are not contradictory,” explains Michael

Biggest Achievements

In November 2019, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) selected ECBF’s team as an Investment Advisor for the upcoming European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF).

As part of this, the EIB intends to invest up to EUR 100 million in the new fund. Currently, ECBF’s team is working together with EIB and other potential investors towards a first closing.

“In parallel, ECBF has already built a pipeline of potential investments, with first due diligence processes already being underway. As of now, ECBF’s database includes 1,000+ companies and projects from the European Circular Bioeconomy,” concludes Michael.