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Is it possible that by 2025 part of a workers benefit package will include a self-driving car? That one can have headsets that can recreate the sense of smell and add make the VR experience more fulfilling?

Because of all these questions and many more, our hardware & systems track at Deep Tech 2020 is a must-see category. These companies will give you a glimpse of the future. With their cutting edge technology, they will spark your curiosity and tickle your imagination.

After a rigorous selection process, our selection committee has chosen to invite 15 companies to participate in Tech Tour Deep Tech Programme. With this diverse line-up, we offer a great variance in technological development.


Arioso Systems GmbH , a spin-off from Fraunhofer-IPMS in Dresden, develops and markets a novel disruptive micro-speaker chip technology, based on silicon MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems).

Fastree3D SA is a semiconductor company developing a fast 3D imaging sensor. Their latest circuit extends the application to automotive collision avoidance, navigation, and ultimately autonomous robots and vehicles.

F&P Robotics AGis a high-tech robotics company based who’s core technology is used as platform for personal robots in health care, gastronomy and collaborative industry.

Aryballe provides an objective approach to odour analysis that delivers the actionable insights required to harness the power of smell. The next evolution of smart sensors is being built around the ability to mimic the human sense of smell.

LaDiMo combines structured light technology with mathematical modelling, using algorithms developed in-house. Their team has proficiency in high precision photogrammetry, diffraction modelling, camera technology, laser optics and parallel processing algorithm development.

GrAI Matter Labs utilizes brain inspired neural network architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional Von Neumann machines and application processors. Their unique implementation is the only system that can leverage sparsity from an end-to-end perspective, a fully programmable approach for ease of implementation and offers ultra-low latency while preserving low power levels not feasible before.

DTE’s product range provides direct sampling and compositional analysis of molten metal. To address the high unmet need to complement and replace current slow, expensive and manual methods for process and quality control with real-time, in-line analysis of trace materials.

FlexEnable’s processes and solutions have been developed to be run on existing flat panel display lines, leveraging existing assets and supply chain. Applications for their technology include flexible displays for consumer electronics and automotive interiors, flexible sensors and optics.

ActLight is a fabless semiconductor company for a brand new type of photodiodes to be used in Wearable & Hearable devices for vital signs monitoring, in Smartphones for face recognition and in Self Driving Vehicles for 3D cameras / Lidar.

EFFECT Photonics delivers highly integrated optical communications products based on its DWDM optical System-on-Chip technology.

Axign creates an entire audio system that is adaptive so that it can be automatically optimized to create the best audio experience possible.

NANOZ develops and manufactures innovative sensors based on patented breakthrough technologies. They invented the smallest selective gas sensor component in the world which makes possible IoT applications that were not possible before.

Kandou is the innovative leader in high-speed, energy efficient, chip-to-chip link solutions critical to the evolution of the electronics industry.

Smartex uses AI tech in order to solve some of the biggest problems of the Textile Industry. They use Machine Learning and Computer Vision in order to detect textile defects and irregularities in real time, acting on the knitting machines as a way to reduce defective production to close to 0%.

BigRep develops 3D printing systems and end-to-end solutions, setting the industry benchmark for flexible and scalable, large-format additive manufacturing.