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Our world is changing fast, and we are in the middle of it all having to choose whether to show up and collaborate or not. This article is a shout out to 15 health startups from our community that are giving a helping hand amidst the crisis. Read below who are they and what are their solutions.

UV-C Light & Telepresence Robots: Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics has two robot systems that directly address the challenges the world is facing with the novel coronavirus. The UVD Robot is a mobile robot using UV-C light which typically kills 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria in 10 minutes. It has been among the first advanced technologies to be used in Wuhan/China and Northern Italy to prevent the coronavirus from spreading to patients and hospital staff. The GoBe Robots is a telepresence robot enabling people to connect to a robot located anywhere on Earth and be present, interact with others and as well be mobile.

Virtual Care Platform: Buddy Healthcare

BuddyCare is a virtual care platform that can be used for symptom tracking, remote monitoring and data collection purposes as well as to digitize secure communication between the individuals/patients and healthcare professionals.

Back Health App: Kaia Health

Kaia Health is taking care of your back health while you’re homebound to help “flatten the curve”. They provide an app – Kaia Back Pain, that allows you to keep up with your back health routine at home without the need of equipment.

Symptom Monitoring Platform: Kaiku Health

Kaiku Health has developed a symptom monitoring module for COVID-19 patients for daily use in co-operation with leading Swiss university hospital group, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). Monitoring takes place through a digital platform used both by patients and healthcare professionals. Based on the patients’ daily report system, the platform sends daily symptom reports and notifications to the dedicated COVID-19 care personnel for further assessment.

Symptom Assessment Test: Mediktor

Mediktor launches a COVID-19 test solution based on artificial intelligence that lists also other diseases that share common symptoms with the coronavirus. The tool provides recommendations based on the combination of emergencies associated with diseases, symptoms, and the probability of being infected by COVID-19.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Medopad

Medopad has adapted its remote patient monitoring solutions to support patients in receiving on-going care whilst self-isolating. It is developed together with the NHS and adapted for different geographies while keeping the tool free for use.

Remote Anti-Stress Therapy: Psious

Psious helps people cope with the stress caused by the COVID-19 crisis by offering free resources, including psychoeducational webinars and individual complimentary psychological sessions given by licensed therapists.

Lung Abnormalities Detection: Quibim

Quibim is using computer tomography as an advanced imaging evidence for the diagnosis of COVID-19. Their Chest X-Ray Classifier can be used to detect abnormalities in the lung parenchyma that could be related to specific signatures of the Covid-19 virus. They have combined all their knowledge in AI and radiomics in this novel analysis pipeline specifically designed to extract disease patterns.

Nanoparticle Fabric: Sonovia

Sonovia is producing a nanoparticle-infused fabric that can protect local populations if used in the production of medical masks. Various academic sources suggest the metallic nanoparticles at the core of their technology could be an effective shield against COVID-19. Currently, they are working towards creating protective equipment by partnering with manufacturers across the globe, in hopes of designing effective, reusable, anti-viral utilities such as face-masks and hazard suits.

Respiratory Health Tester: Spirohome Personal

Spirohome Personal is a home respiratory health testing solution which makes early detection of disease progression. It addresses the current needs of millions of chronic respiratory disease patients who require remote lung monitoring. It will collect data of COVID-19’s impact on lung function to be put towards COVID-19 research and treatment.

COVID-19 Chatbot Test: Symptoma

Symptoma offers an online chatbot solution with 19 questions to help you determine your COVID-19 risk level - you enter symptoms, answer questions, and get a score indicating COVID-19 risk levels high, medium or low. They have taken +20,000 other possible diagnoses into consideration. The test performs at a 96.32% accuracy. Read more.

Self-testing Device: Tytocare

Tytocare has designed a device that allows people without medical background or experience to carry out examinations of the heart, lungs, throat, ears, skin, abdomen, along with heart rate, and body temperature. Tool offers a digital stethoscope for lung check-ups that can auscultate of respiration and detect possible signs of infection. It can then send the data remotely to medics, allowing them to monitor patients from a distance. Source: The Jerusalem Post

Symptom Mapping: Your.MD

Your.MD has launched their COVID-19 Symptom Mapper. It helps assess whether you have mild, moderate or severe symptoms and to understand how users’ symptoms compare with those of other people around the world. Users are asked to provide details of when they first had symptoms, how they feel and how badly they’re experiencing a range of symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Pulse Wrist-sensor: Oxitone

Oxitone is an FDA-cleared wrist-sensor pulse oximeter monitor that allows clinicians to send COVID-19 patients home and follow them 24/7. It allows clinicians to receive intelligent insights and to follow-up effortlessly hundreds of high-risk patients by reducing costs.

Holistic Health Coaching: YourCoach

YourCoach is a health and wellness management solution that enables coaches to lead their clients, connecting mind, body and soul through behaviour modification and accountability tools towards outcomes. The platform is now free for all coaches going forward.