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Lead and moderated by Lara Koole, Partner at Philips, the session brought together 35 Investor Club members in a close discussion on the Innovation in Fighting COVID on November 24th, 2020.

During the first half of the session - two speakers shared about an innovation during COVID pandemic.

The first speaker, Janke Dittmer, General Partner in Gilde Healthcare Partners, talked in depth about the investments through their new fund during the COVID times. The topic of his presentation was “Acceleration of remote healthcare amidst the pandemic”, and, according to him:

Remote healthcare is more than telehealth. Remote care is an area of convergence between medtech, digital health and therapeutics, where trends like patient centricity, consumerization, patient empowerment, new business models and disruptive technologies come together to bring better care at lower cost.

The next speaker was Antonio Murta, Managing Partner at Pathena, with the topic of “Drive towards data-driven personalized remote care services for vulnerable population”. According to him:

The pandemic will have structural effects on the value chain of health care. Chronic disease management will benefit from a hybrid (consultation + tele-medicine) mode of care. Quoting Prof. Nuno Sousa (UMinho Medical School – Portugal), we should not lose any human touch on the new setting – a 5th P (Proximity) should be added to 4P Medicine Model = P5 Medicine.”

“We are also very pleased to have the support of new and existing investors who understand and share our vision and strategy for organic and international tech-led growth. Investor´s trust gives us the confidence to take advantage of the opportunity that lays ahead”, he added.

The second part of the meeting involved Prem Tumkosit from MSD Global Health Innovation Fund and Evan Castiglia discussing their investment cases during the pandemic times.

Prem Tumkosit, Managing Director at MSD Global Health Innovation Fund, focused on their investment cases during the COVID times. During the initial wave of COVID, they first supported their portfolio companies, and then focused on scouting for innovation and finding new companies in the areas that would have a long-term impact in the healthcare industry.

GHI has launched the Next Horizon investment area, where they supported forward looking, independent innovation. They invested in Zapata and VastBiome as a part of this initiative. According to Prem, “2020 has been a disruptive year not only for the healthcare and the pharmaceutical value chain, but also for looking forward and planting the seeds for disruptive technologies in the future.”

Evan Castiglia, Principal at Philips Ventures, shared the investments that Philips has made in the past year and the importance of network medicine. He focused on their recent investment in the Netherlands-based Siilo, a free secure messaging app for healthcare professionals.

According to Evan, “Human touch and connection are important not only for the patient relationships, but also for the healthcare professionals who are vastly overwhelmed in these particularly demanding times.”

This insightful discussion was open only for the current and trial members of the Tech Tour Investors Club and is run part of the Tech Tour Health programme. If you want to learn more about the Investors club – contact Ms Radostina Tsenova at