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As part of our Investors Club activities we held an online Investor Insights Session on De(re)carbonization. There experts discussed the future of Decarbonization under the leadership of

Fred van Beuningen, Managing Partner at Chrysalix, and Head of Selection Panel on De(re)carbonisation tech track.


Remy De Tonnac, General Partner of ETF Partners and Chairman of the Tech Tour Investors Club Council.

Key findings

Below you can see the key findings of some of the speakers.

Hans Maenhout,
Investment Director in Finindus

‘Decarbonization is a complex challenge that will require multiple approaches as well as new technologies that need to be developed and scaled up URGENTLY.’

Remy De Tonnac, General Partner of ETF Partners and Chairman of the Tech Tour Investors Club Council.

Decarbonization is getting mature today for VC investment and even topics like “direct carbon capture from air” will soon become “investable” themes.

Jos Keurentjes, Programme director Energy Innovation at University of Twente

The energy transition will require a complex set of solutions and technologies. The fossil era will not come to an end because of a lack of oil, but simply because cheaper alternatives will become available, which is already the case in sun-rich regions.

Since we live in a carbon-based world, atmospheric CO2 will become our main source of feedstock, effectively allowing for decarbonization of the industry and leading to negative emissions. It is expected that various technologies with a focus on energy-effective carbon capture (including DAC) will be at the basis of this paradigm shift. At the University of Twente we are building a large mission-driven program to drive these developments.

Dr. Alfred Lam, Partner at Chrysalix

A few thoughts:
Industrial decarbonization is challenging, but essential to address climate change. Chrysalix has launched a $100M Decarbonization Fund to assist companies in the hardest-to-abate industrial sectors to reach their carbon targets.

We believe that, for the first time, the world has a critical mass of collaboration between governments, corporations, investors, entrepre¬neurs, innovators and financial institutions. An innovation ecosystem that effectively & efficiently connects these stakeholders is critical in trans¬forming new ideas and technologies into scalable, financeable and growing businesses.

Bryan Hassin, Rocky Mountain Institute, CEO of the 3rd Derivative accelerator

It will take USD 2-3 TRILLION / year invested in technology for 30 years to solve climate as climate tech is currently underinvested. Which means that the category has tremendous opportunity.

A key reason for this underinvestment is climate tech's four valleys of death for commercialization, deployment, and scale. Bridging these valleys of death is a multi-stakeholder problem and necessitates convening / aligning the key stakeholders: startups, investors, corporates, and policy makers.

Together - and only together - will we meet even the most modest climate goals on an acceptable timeline.

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