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Logitech is world-famous for its mice and keyboards. But since 2013, the company has been expanding its brands and products, becoming a conglomerate of tech brands including: Astro, Blue Vo!ce, Jaybird, Logitech G, Streamlabs and Ultimate Ears.

Fast Company has placed Logitech among the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design” twice, and it has won 250 design awards.

Over the past few years, the company has invested in innovation programs, tech start-ups, and acquisitions. Now it’s looking toward start-up collaboration.

Logitech has joined with Tech Tour to search for European start-up partners with a focus on any of the following categories:

  1. Gaming & Esports: Unleashing the performance of e-athletes
  2. Digital Health & Wellness: Monitoring and care for the mind and body
  3. Multimodal Interfaces: Expand the interactions between people and their digital world
  4. Remote Presence & Communications: Immersive experiences to create presence
  5. Sensors, Actuators & AI: Foundational technologies for all four domains listed above

If you’re an early stage start-up developing peripheral devices that are pushing the frontiers of technology, you’re a good candidate.

The Tech Tour Search - Ideal Partners

Looking for opportunities to grow your tech start-up? The Tech Tour is a unique chance to partner with one of the world’s leading tech device innovators.

“We’re looking to learn from, and in the process contribute to, start-ups. We’d like to really start building relationships with the broader ecosystem out there. So, we see this as a long-term engagement, and the first step is the Tech Tour,” shares Jean-Michel Chardon, Head of AI, CTO Office at Logitech.

To qualify for the Tech Tour and the opportunity to partner with Logitech, a start-up should actively be exploring one or a combination of the following:

Gaming & Esports

Logitech is looking for start-ups developing peripherals that can enhance the gaming experience. “We’re interested in seeing how gaming will play out in the world of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). That’s the place where we are trying to learn what kinds of peripherals would people like to have,” shares Sailesh Chutani, CTO of Logitech.

Digital Health & Wellness

Logitech is searching for start-ups developing software that helps people be healthier. For instance, tools and solutions that help people:

  • Change their posture
  • Alert them when they need to stretch
  • Or even adjust their environment to the light, reducing eye strain

If you’re in the process of designing technology that measures people’s motion, movements, or position - or even their state of mind and cognitive load - and you need help testing, partnering with Logitech could be helpful.

Multimodal Interfaces

Logitech wants to see how to combine voice, touch, and vision digitally – four of the five senses. This is a match for start-ups designing eye-tracking or voice-tracking devices, for instance.

Remote Presence & Communications

Start-ups that are currently involved in the process of developing software or tools allowing players to connect to each other in an easier, better, and more immersive way.

Sensors, Actuators, and AI

Think of moving or shaking seats, or the feeling of holding something when you don’t have a physical object in your hands. “Ultimately, our brains are the ones who are creating a sense of presence, relying on cues. So, can we mimic some of those cues and integrate them in a way that would be effective?” asks Sailesh Chutani.

How to Apply for a Partnership with Logitech

If you’re a tech start-up, and you believe you can collaborate with Logitech, apply through the link below:

What’s in it for My Start-Up?

Logitech knows the market and can help you test and validate your product. There’s a potential opportunity for you to work together on the development of a product/solution if they see a good fit.

Note: Logitech might invest in your start-up, but that’s more of an exception than a rule. The main idea behind the collaboration is giving you access to users.

Tech Tour wishes you good luck!