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What is your personal background? One or two key facts?

I am an entrepreneur who turned VC since 2016. In the world of management of tech companies, I did almost everything: the good, the bad, the ugly…and hopefully some very good J. I spent over 28 years with 2 companies - Gemalto and Inside Secure as an entrepreneur. This included taking part in 2 IPOs - on Nasdaq and Euronext, 2 pivots, 6 fundraising rounds, 3 lay off plans, 7 acquisitions, and weathering few crises - 4 before the Corona virus one, 1987, 1998 in Asia, 2001 and 2008.


What are the personal values and culture that drives your leadership?

Drive, team, fast decision, aim high, no looking back, loyalty, management by example, fun


Why did you want to become a Chairman of the Council of the Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC)? What is the driver behind this decision?

I wanted to know my new industry peers and be known by them and also in IVC, you mostly find what you bring in, meaning it is only through being involved that you get what you want. What better involvement than being Chairman?


What is an interesting story with a Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) member?

I was involved first with Tech Tour from 2003 to 2005 then went into my “soldier monk” CEO mission with Inside Secure till 2016, so it is nice to be back and reconnect with old friends after more than 10 years.


What do you foresee as future initiatives as the Chair of the Council of the Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC)?

  1. Bring in new members especially from Asia and US and East Europe
  2. Understand where members want to have more from IVC and answer those requests
  3. Get the EU (EIF, EIB) to support IVC especially on objectives related to the “Green deal” of the EU


In what ways do you think the Club is going to help members weather the storm?

Venture Capital is very much by nature an individualistic game and one where you often see the other VCs as competitors or at minimum as coopetitors. In this troubled time, it is even more important to have “spaces” and opportunities to simply exchange, get advice and views with nothing else at stake other than this positive, empathic attitude.


What would you like to achieve with the Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) while you are Chairman of the Council? What would be the 2 challenges you would like to achieve during your term?

  • To bring the total number of IVC members to 100.
  • To get to 100 deals syndicated or favoured by Tech Tour


What do you envision to be the “new normal” for the Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) members and on a bigger scale for investments in Europe? How to you see the transition happening?

Very probably more online events, but of course as soon as possible to get back to a lot of the “old normal”, meaning meeting again …and having nice drinks and chats.


What in Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) do you value the most? Why?

Building warm and sincere relationships with no hidden agenda.


If you want to learn more about the Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) check the website.