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How far could the technology we are using go? What about the future of mobility and health? What are the newest digital and sustainability inventions? Our selected companies at the Tech Tour South East Europe 2021 will give you a taste of what’s coming next! Through their innovative projects and plans, these companies will catch your attention and make you wonder about the reality you are surrounded by.

After an extensive selection process, our selection committee has chosen to invite these 30 companies to participate in Tech Tour South East Programme. To ensure the great event multiple variables have been taken into consideration in carefully choosing these top-notch companies. With this diverse line-up, we believe that we offer a great variance in technological development.


Advantis makes Medical Imaging more accessible, user-friendly, and data-driven by merging it with cloud technology.

Ascalia helps manufacturing companies analyse their production efficiency, energy and resources expenditure and overall manufacturing output.

BIOPIX-T is the designer and manufacturer of the novel portable molecular diagnostic device for the point of care named "Pebble". The Pebble will also market the compatible test kits for the detection of SARS-CoV2 and Influenza A.

Bryq empowers recruiters and hiring managers to make faster, better, and bias-free hiring decisions through objective data. Their AI-assistant is there to provide advice.

Cardo AI uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to provide access to institutional investors in alternative digital lending assets. They have developed a platform that delivers standardized and normalized data, single deal transparency, smart allocation system, portfolio creation functionality, reporting and monitoring.

City Expert is an online real estate agency. They combine creative marketing solutions, state-of-the-art design and practical experience in the real estate market to help individuals buy, sell, rent or lease their property. Users are allowed to go to virtual property viewings.

Clio Muse is a storytelling app that invites to discover fascinating destinations in Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey & the Netherlands through fun and original stories created by accredited experts.

CollegeLink enables young adults find their way out of university and smoothen their transition into the job market. They can build their resume and explore great career opportunities tailored to their personality, goals, and ambitions.

Convert Group enables FMCG & Consumer Healthcare Companies and Retailers to access meaningful and actionable commercial, marketing & eCommerce data, in a unified way, with their eRetail Suite products.

CYRUS offers a noise free hydrogen compression system based on metal hydrides using only water as the cooling / heating medium achieving hydrogen pressures > 400 bar.

Dataviva has a low code, real time, extensible planning platform that allows AI and decision algorithms to be full ‘team members’ alongside human experts, massively speeding up decisions and optimizing processes.

Dronamics is developing a new type of cargo airplane, "the Black Swan" – small, unmanned and extremely fuel efficient: it flies autonomously, can be monitored, and managed remotely via satellite. They will operate extensive fleets starting in emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where road building cannot keep up with the rapid demographic and economic growth.

Dynamic Division is developing a Heavy Cleaner - Industrial floor cleaning robot, based on the Product as a Service economy model. It has fully automated water filling, waste tank discharging, charging and cleaning.

EnduroSat designs, builds and operates new type of NanoSats for a range of commercial, scientific and tech missions. Their software-defined satellite architecture enables a single NanoSat to carry multiple different payloads/customers in orbit at once via their Shared Satellite Service.

Exit Bee works to re-imagine display advertising. They use pattern recognition and machine learning to detect or predict the moments users disengage from the website content and are more likely to interact with an ad campaign.

Hunch is an automated creative production and media buying platform that empowers brands and agencies to grow on paid social.

Kinems is proposing innovative games based on well proven educational practices using just the Microsoft Kinect camera. They offer games that can be easily adapted by the teacher, health care professional and parent to the individual needs of each child.

Kinvent help physical therapists and coaches assess progress efficiently and build patient engagement.

Labbox is a subscription service delivering monthly boxes of electronic kits to inspire children of ages 8+ for engineering, based on a STEM certified curriculum that enables personalized learning.

Mindset Design is a mindset self-coaching app that enables high-achievers like sales experts, professional poker and e-sports players, traders, athletes, and others, to practice self-awareness and willpower daily.

MIRET is an innovative ecological brand and development company for natural fibres with a focus on sustainable solutions for a super low impact on nature.

Optotech has developed the RADAR (Rapid Assessment for Dyslexia & Abnormalities in Reading) Method, an easy, fast, objective, completely non-invasive and cost-effective screening for reading difficulties, with special focus on dyslexia.

PD Neurotechnology has developed the PDMonitor, a digital, non-invasive, continuous monitoring system used by patients with Parkinson’s Disease, which enables an accurate, motor symptom evaluation, coupled with information on lifestyle and drug adherence.

PROCESIO is an enterprise-grade integration Platform as-a-Service (iPaaS) to streamline software, integrate data, and automate processes using no-code and low-code technology.

Purposeful aims to discover alternative effects for existing drugs using its advanced computational workflow that combines Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Smart Filtering.

QCELL has invented Spectral Vision, a game-changing technology impacting the world of imaging science and technology. In their Spectral Vision platform convectional color video imaging is replaced with multichannel video imaging and live spectral mapping.

Rouster is the next generation personal computer without hardware. Its computational resources are entirely in the cloud and are served over the Internet, leaving behind all the hustle around hardware upgrades and synchronizing data between several devices.

TEKMON is shaping the future of work by connecting deskless frontline workers, helping them work smarter boosting productivity, from daily operations to critical communications.

Transmetrics optimizes transport planning by leveraging the power of predictive analytics and machine learning. Transmetrics combines the strengths of humans with those of AI, ensuring the highest operational benefits, and reducing the environmental impact of logistics.

Videobolt is a marketplace for Small & Medium businesses where users can find professional video designs and customize them to their own needs using our proprietary online editing platform which is easy to use.