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We are facing a surge in healthtech investments, and new innovations are popping up all the time. The global pandemic is driving change in the sector with many new technologies developing in telemedicine, preventative care, remote patient monitoring, IoMT, AI in Healthcare and so on.

This autumn, the 12th edition of the Tech Tour Health 2021 Programme again showcased some of the leading innovators in the European Healthcare Ecosystem and more specifically in the Digital Health and Medtech sectors. The programme took place over the period of October-November with an intimate onsite event in Lausanne providing face-to-face networking opportunities and proceeded with a few days of exciting online sessions.

42 companies presented their technologies in front of Healthcare experts, investors, VCs and corporations from Europe and abroad and 23 will be invited to Tech Tour’s flagship event next year – Future 22 to present themselves in front of our wide audience of 1000+ participants.

Alongside that, Tech Tour and the Moscow Center for Innovation Technology in Healthcare joined forces to scout for the best 10 European AI Healthcare companies focused on Big Data and AI algorithms, data analysis, medical decision supports systems which are looking to expand their business to the Russian market and deploy their solutions there. They presented their technologies on the Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge 2021 to an audience of European and Russian experts, investors and doctors and the highest rated 2 will get the opportunity to present at Future 22. It will take place on 22-23 March, so save the date and join us!

Big kudos to all participants!

We are delighted to introduce to you the highest rated presenters and finalists from both events. Meet them below.

Tech Tour Health 2021 Programme

Sidekick Health operates a digital care platform, providing a 360 degree support to people with chronic illnesses – including remote monitoring, treatment adherence and disease specific education.

Microsure BV has developed MUSA, a unique microsrugical robotic platform provides superhuman precision for microsurgeons, enabling new interventions that are currently impossible to perform by hand.

Bingli developed an AI-powered chatbot that asks patients 70-100% of the doctor’s questions ahead of the doctor’s visit resulting in more qualitative and time-efficient doctor consultations. Bingli can help in delivering the right care at the right time thanks to our diagnostic reasoning resulting in triage, red flags, prioritization and decision support.

Nagi Bioscience created the first “Organism-on-Chip” technology for fully automated use of micro-organisms (the highly validated biological model Caenorhabditis elegans) within miniaturized chips, as complement and/or alternative to traditional animal testing.

Pear Bio is a computational biology company using organ-on-a-chip and computer vision to understand how cancer progresses and help identify which cancer treatments will be effective for each patient.

DasLab digitally connects lab testing services along the disease pathway. It supports any type of lab test and is use case agnostic. It allows patients to control and share their lab test data and creates never existing longitudinal data sets.

Gondola Medical Technologies SA is a Swiss based company that has developed a proprietary medical device to treat motor symptoms due to neurological and neurodegenerative conditions. It is effective in treating invalidating mobility problems caused by Stroke and by Parkinson’s disease.

NeuroNation is Europe’s leading provider for brain training and offers more than 60 personalized brain exercises. Distinctions by the Federal Ministry of Health and the reimbursement by a public health insurance as the first brain training worldwide gave them way to a number of collaborations in stroke rehabilitation and stress prevention.

HelloBetter offers Digital Therapeutics (DTx) that empower people to transform their lives using cognitive behavioral therapy. HelloBetter is the emergent category leader in the field of digital therapeutics (DTx) for mental health disorders and a global pioneer in the field of digital mental health research.

Neuroventis Platform is a digital health platform for neurology with CE marking as a medical device, consisting of applications for patients and a dashboard for doctors.

Healium Medical focuses on significantly simplifying the rapid growing market of ablation procedures with advanced miniaturized ultrasound guided therapeutic technology.

Keleya is the digital health platform for pregnant women. They help her to have a safe and joyful pregnancy by providing her with personalized, algorithm-based nutrition and exercise coaching and individual health advice - all combined in one app.

Healshape is developing breast regeneration solutions by 3D (bio)printing for women who had mastectomy following breast cancer.

Askel Healthcare is a medical device company with a science-backed solution to rebuild knee joint surface to quickly return to active and pain-free life.

CairnSurgical is a clinical stage company developing technology designed to improve surgical outcomes with image-derived, 3-D printed surgical guides.

PlusDental is a direct-to-consumer business producing and supplying clear aligner treatments for malocclusion.

CART-Tech is developing a proprietary medical device, a software/hardware combination product to improve the signs and symptoms of heart failure, a condition which is rising steadily on a worldwide basis.

Contextflow develops software for 3D medical images using deep learning to save radiologists time and improve reporting quality.

AMF Medical uses proprietary breakthrough technologies and world-class user-experience design to develop Sigi™, a novel patch pump to administer insulin.

WISE is developing a genuinely new generation of Neuromonitoring and Neuromodulation electrodes: highly ergonomic, conformable, soft and thin, thus allowing great adhesion, minimal invasiveness and excellent adaptability on neural tissues.

Lymphatica Medtech SA has designed and developed the first implantable, long-term solutions for patients with limb chronic edemas, which intends to produce and market.

ImageBiopsy Lab builds and deploys the future standards for image diagnostics in MSK/orthopedic surgery by bringing AI-supported software solutions for MSK diagnostics to radiologists and orthopedics alike.

Remedee Labs has developed the first endorphin stimulator for personal use. Their initial focus is helping patients with fibromyalgia, and they plan extend the Platform offering to other chronic pain conditions in the coming future.

Tech Tour Moscow Health Challenge 2021

BielGlasses creates smart glasses that improve mobility and personal autonomy of people with low vision using mixed reality, AI and 3D vision to adapt the reality to their remaining visual capacity.

GlakoLens is developing a non-invasive and disposable smart contact lens that monitors intraocular pressure fluctuations for glaucoma patients and people in high-risk groups.